St. Augustine by way of New York City’s DL is OK is as humble as they come. On recordings of tunes like “Good Complications” and 2019’s “Wasting my Time,” the multi-talented singer-songwriter mixes clever lyrics with layered productions that, upon closer inspection, are much more complex than their catchy melodies and cozy Americana grooves bely. It’s approachable stuff to be sure, the kind of tunes that you’d find tucked into a boombox-cribbed mixtape among some Dire Straits, or anything Tom Petty did between roughly 1985s Southern Accents and ‘94s Wildflowers

A few weeks ago, we invited DL #IntoTheVoid to play us a few takes and he humbly obliged, plugging in and crooning through a stripped-down set of agreeable tunes from his catalogue, including the exceptionally warm one, “Into The Flood.” While DL’s studio work is a little Knopfler, a little Petty, maybe a little Adam Granofksy (to use a contemporary example), scaled back as he was at Void HQ, one could hear all of those things–plus, perhaps a little Jeff Buckley on those soaring chorus vocals. All the feels, man!

Click play to watch DL go #IntoTheVoid with “Into The Flood.”

Presented by: The Amp