There may be no more perfect artist than Kayla Le (AKA Sailor Goon) to help Void Mag break in its new headquarters. The soulful, singular singer-songwriter has perfected a DIY-approach to creating her distinctive brand of bedroom-pop, tossing scraps of tasteful tunes to her increasingly rabid audience via Soundcloud, as well as enjoyably surreal visuals on Youtube.

The 21-year old has only been performing as Sailor Goon for a little over a year, and she’s still fairly new to the music-making process. Yet her output thus far has earned her a reputation of consistency, as each new tune offers something exciting and unique.

“Between writing over beats and trying my hand at producing, I knew my ultimate goal with music was to have the ability to be present and connect with an audience by making sounds I knew I wanted to hear,” Le says of her experimental approach thus far. “I pull a lot of inspiration from a variety of mediums in my life, whether it’s old or new, and I wanted to be able to share with people what influences me. Not only that, there’s a lot of nonverbal ways to communicate a story, music being one of them and I feel that’s probably the fastest way to be able to translate what’s going on in your head to other people.”

Le takes a holistic approach to Sailor Goon, writing songs, recording, and crafting her press photos and visuals for the project. “I’ve been doing everything that ‘comes with’ being Sailor Goon, songwriting, recording, making visuals, etc. and am lucky to have the friends I do by my side that, without question, want to help create what is in our heads into a tangible piece of reality.”

Screen grab from Sailor Goon’s beautifully surreal video for “Milk & Bones.”

One of those friends is Taylor Neal, who joined Sailor on guitar and keys at Void’s still unfinished new HQ a few weeks ago. With our new Jax Beach digs still a work in progress, it was fitting to have Sailor Goon in to perform the beautifully spacious, minimal “Sulfur,” a song that has appeared on Soundcloud but is still yet a work-in-progress, according to Le. “‘Sulfur’ started out as a really simple thought: it’s too f***ing hot to go outside and skate,” she says. “I started to write a letter to myself about how I needed to find better coping mechanisms and time management skills. Then my mind does what it does and backflips itself into oblivion and overthinking and then the melody came and Sulfur happened.”

We’re certainly happy it happened. Click play to watch Sailor Goon perform the track in our DIY space.

Presented by: Halyard Brewing Co.
Film/Edit: Josh Hansbrough
Sound/Mix: Glenn Van Dyke

This article and performance video originally appeared on our site in November of 2019.