“Be cool. Be nice. Be chill,” shouts DeGreaser frontman, Ben Katzman, before punctuating the mantra with “That’s tight!” It’s refrains like this one–from the 2018 single “Kindness is Hot”–plus a whole lot of shredding guitar work that make Katzman’s music so endearing.

Though the band hails from Miami, Katzman’s DeGreaser has made Northeast Florida a consistent stop, spreading his earnest message and unbridled positivity through riff-heavy rock n’ roll at venues all over town.

A few weeks ago, we invited DeGreaser to come Into the Void. “Dude…” Katzman replied to our invitation. “Let’s rock!”

Click play to hear the band rip through a raucous rendition of “Kindness is Hot”.

Presented by: The Amp

Produced: Matthew Shaw
Video/Edit: John Massey
Engineering/Mixing: Glenn Van Dyke