“What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is yours. If you have a happy wife, you’ve got a happy life,” preaches singer-songwriter Nicholas Edward Williams on the first release from the upcoming As I go Ramblin’. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, for fans of North Florida music the song’s silky vocal stylings and playful wordplay certainly will, as they belong to popular one-time Jax-resident and fave local folky formerly known as Whetherman.

Featuring some tasteful Doc Watson-inspired fingerpicking and a lyrical style reminiscent of John Prine’s early ’70s output (as well as some skillful whistling!), “Happy Life” is representative of a divergent musical direction for Williams. 

A few weeks before the songs release, Williams stopped by Void HQ to play a set for our Into the Void: Office Music Series (coming soon) and we took the time to find out what the folk is up with one of our fave singer-songwriters. Click play!