“The Interview” sticks to a familiar routine between James Franco and Seth Rogen, a type of buddy comedy with their usual outrages and hilarious dialogue. That lays the groundwork for the film as the setting and the stakes are much higher.


The movie starts with North Korea testing nuclear missiles and American media commenting on it. Franco plays Dave Skylark who is the host of a talk show where celebrities admit to or comment on tabloid subjects. Rogen plays his producer who yearns to get into more serious news. This is where the movie succeeds the greatest, the dialogue and interaction between the two. Seth Rogen fans will find it familiar, but it doesn’t quite live up to previous efforts such as, “This is the End,” and “Pineapple Express.”

Kim Jong-Un is portrayed in a purely comical way, listening to Katy Perry and having a love for Margaritas. Even the CIA, who recruits Rogen and Franco, is part of the satire. Other funny moments in the film come during action scenes or really any time when the guys need to successfully complete part of their mission. From ricin strip to finger ripping, the gags and action are violent and comical. The weaker portions of the film come when Rogen and Franco are off screen, which is not often, or when they are split up.


For the all hype surrounding this movie, the Sony hacks, the cancellation of the release and its revival, it delivers for fans of Rogen and Franco movies. For people that are just drawn in due to its now massive exposure, it may not be for you. Regardless, give it a chance … just to find out if Kim Jong-Un really pees or poops.