Several musicians are set to perform at peculiar venues this summer, according to certain Facebook event pages. First, it was Smash Mouth performing at Barnes & Noble. Now, it’s evolving to Drake dropping bars at the Cheesecake Factory, Birdman putting respeck on it at Golden Corral, Puddle of Mudd bringing the dad rock to Shoe Carnival and Papa Roach reminding everyone about their scars. There’s even Taco Bell with Avril Lavigne, HIM, Drowning Pool, and Criss Angel — Katt Williams and Guy Fieri are scheduled to host the latter.


Facebook’s flexible user autonomy can be a productive means to raise awareness. But when a troll grips the reigns of control, it can be a necessary evil that inevitably unites the masses.


Logan Barnes, the Puddle of Mudd at Shoe Carnival event’s creator, said he was inspired to go live with his page when he saw Limp Bizkit scheduled to perform at a gas station.

“It really just started as a joke amongst my friends and I, but somehow has spread like wildfire in 24 hours and it wasn’t expected at all,” Barnes said. “With the singer from Puddle of Mudd’s recent track record with police, I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously at all and I’m hoping they don’t because let’s be honest, it’s 2016 and they haven’t been relevant in nearly a decade.”

Sometimes the lines between reality and the Internet are blurred, but I assure you these events aren’t real. I spoke with a Barnes & Noble employee who confirmed that Smash Mouth will not perform at its Edgewood location in Atlanta Friday, May 20, and the Facebook event page has been deleted.

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Comment gold.

Torie Rivera, who created the Drake at Cheesecake Factory event said he didn’t expect the event to blow up like it has so far.

“I just made a Drake one thinking it would be some lols between friends and I. I was wrong. Over 2k said they were going,” Rivera said. “I think it’s just an event version of a meme.”

So, whether you find yourself interested in Mudvayne with the “Bing Bang Theory” cast live at Chili’s or Enya spilling her soul at PetSmart, take it with a grain of salt, sit back and enjoy the comments.