After yet another embarrassing defeat for the ill-fated Jaguars, calls for coach Gus Bradley to be fired have hit an all-time high. Bradley has the worst coaching record in modern NFL history, but could there be a conspiracy going on behind closed doors?


You don’t have to look far to find frustrated Jags fans ranting and threatening to give up on their beloved team after the total horror-show we witnessed this past Sunday. The Raiders beat the Jags with a 33-16 win, meaning our hometown team is at a disheartening 2-4 record this season. The hashtag #FireGus started trending on twitter a few losses ago, and it continues to rear its head every week now. Even the most dedicated fans who have made excuses for Bradley all this time seem to have given up on him ever improving the team.

A quick search for “Gus Bradley” on Google or Twitter brings up almost nothing but hate for the man behind the team. You almost have to feel bad for him … until you remember that he’s about as terrible at his job as you probably are at yours and he’s still making $3.5 million a year. So don’t feel too bad.

If you had the same results at your job as Coach Bradley has it his, you would have been fired a long time ago. So, what gives? What does Shad Khan know that we don’t? Hey, at least we don’t live in Cleveland … I guess?