The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Our environment is suffering from a number of factors, and the damage only intensifies as the years pass. Prince Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud II of Saudi Arabia is one person who notices the undeniable destruction happening to our planet.

About a decade ago, the idea of renewable energy wasn’t a top priority for many. The prince saw the need for something to change, and took his passion for technology to new heights. After surfing the Web, he came upon a YouTube video of a Jacksonville product created by a company called UltraTech International Inc. With over 10 million views, the video is a demonstration of a water repellent with some truly amazing technology.

Red Drops - Treated vs Untreated with Caption

The prince felt so strongly about this product that he personally made a call to the company. After being put on hold for a number of hours, the prince spoke with his partner who was finally able to connect with Jacksonville business owner, Mark Shaw. The prince eventually made his way to Florida where the two discussed the future plans of UltraTech and how it could evolve internationally.

The rest is history.

Prince Nasser is in the midst of creating an eco-sustainable city in Saudi Arabia. “We’re just trying to make the world a better place, everyone with their own contributions and part,” HRH Prince Nasser said, adding that the proposed city is projected to be just over 1 million sq. feet, with a main sector for an eco-friendly environment. “It will be a student city. It will be a research center for renewable energy and any applications will be taught there. They will learn how solar receptors work, how wind turbines work, how air-to-water condensation works, and how we can produce petroleum from oil.”

The design of the city is not only innovative, but it’s smart. The prince has been heavily involved in the overall design process from start to finish and has supervised the design department working directly with the lead designer.

The city will be unique compared to other cities for a number of reasons. They will use earth foundations, making sure not to harm the earth by any means during the construction phases. They also employ prefabricated construction, which will have its own piping, power train and solar water heater. The city will be assembled quite quickly, according to the prince, and UltraTech will play a large role in helping make this city come to life.

“I think that UltraTech is absolutely significant because it affects our daily and day-to-day life, whether in our clothes, or from the simplest to the most complicated household things. I strongly believe in this company,” Prince Nasser said.


After looking into all the implications of UltraTech and its possible uses, the impact it will have is enormous. The different variations of the product and the use for it in Saudi Arabia is vast. The prince sees a large use for the Ultra-Ever Dry, which is one of the many water, oil and ice repellent products created from UltraTech.

This can be helpful for many employees that use heavy-duty machinery, and will prove to be an extremely useful product. Coating the windows and buildings with this product will allow them to be self-cleaning and, in turn, use less water overall. Also, coating solar panels will keep them clean from dirt and dust, which can reduce the panels’ effectiveness significantly.

The prince believes that the largest use for UltraTech will be an innovative laundromat service that will include Ultra-Ever Shield. People can enjoy the service of a regular laundromat, drop off their clothes, and when they get them back the clothes will be stain-proof. This self-cleaning process will reduce how often an item has to be washed, and if it is washed, it will reduce the amount of water and electricity used by 75 percent. It will also extend the life of the clothing by two to three times.

“This will change and revolutionize the way we dress in the Middle East, not only in Saudi Arabia,” Prince Nasser said. “This will be, thanks to UltraTech.”