Instagram is slowly integrating advertisements into your daily scrolling activities. You might not see them yet, but they are already on the way. Once the ads go live, you will see filtered pictures or videos of ads posted by Instagram with the word “Sponsored” where you would normally see the time stamp. By clicking the “…” in the bottom right corner, you can let Instagram know if you enjoyed the ad.

void insta ad

An example of what the new ads will look like.

In our everyday lives it is nearly impossible to avoid advertisements. Our favorite social media sites have all adapted to competition in the marketplace by including advertisements to increase their financial income.

That being said, Instagram is at least making advertising less annoying, if you will, for its users. Most of us quickly scroll through pictures and videos on Instagram looking for the ones we actually care about seeing. We will have less of a headache with these advertisements because we are able to just continue looking at sepia pictures of our friends’ meals and cats without too much intrusion from advertisers.

In addition, you will also be able to rate the ads so the ones more geared toward your interests will come up in your feed. I for one appreciate the approach Instagram is taking while integrating advertisements into their business. It seemed too good to be true that Instagram wouldn’t have advertisements, and now that they do, we might see a difference in opinions about Instagram overall.