When Shad Khan’s not jet-setting all over the place, overseeing business matters or building a better football team, you might find him on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, soaking in the splendor of his urban getaway. With initial dreams of becoming an architect, it’s no surprise that Khan’s enthusiasm for design persuaded him and his wife, Ann, to drop $8.3 million on their Chicago penthouse in 2006.

The sprawling 9,000 square-foot space is just a few hours away from his company headquarters in neighboring Urbana and Champaign and offers sweeping 360 degree views of the Chi-Town skyline. His love for architecture did not amount into a career, but you can bet Khan’s love for design encouraged him not to settle on just anything. “We were looking for about a year,” Khan said, “but when this came up we knew it was special and would really capture the essence of Chicago.” He’d gone through several high-profile designers before finally collaborating with Chicago-based Suzanne Lovell.

With a deep respect and appreciation for the city’s rich architectural heritage, Khan dreamed of an inviting and impressing space, taking inspiration from his travels across the globe. The result is a classical but modern apartment rich in color and detail. The easy, open floor plan of Khan’s penthouse might have also inspired the renovation of Jaguar’s front office where he installed glass conference rooms in 2013.

Khan's hallway

Khan's living room

"Portrait of Pierre Renoir in a Sailor Suit"



Khan's dining room

Despite the hefty price tag after renovations and the addition of a substantial art collection, which includes Renoir’s “Portrait of Pierre Renoir in a Sailor Suit,” Khan is still hesitant to treat the space like a museum. He said, “It goes without saying that you do get some red wine spilled, and you have to be ready for that. But you can’t put plastic covers over everything.”

source: Forbes