It’s pretty obvious which industry is attracting most millennials who are seeking jobs. What is the one thing most of us have on us at all times? Our phones. We’re always connected and one second away from social media.

We live in apps and check them more times than you scratch your face. So, app development, social media use and marketing are often second nature for our generation. Jack Bethmann, a Jacksonville native, blew up on Vine after he graduated college with his engaging clips. It was during Vine’s first stages where his content started to blow up with videos of himself, his activities and anything else he filmed. This lead to his social media gaining a huge following and him launching Six Second Promotions.

Bethmann knew one of the reasons he took off was because he got big on Vine so early in its existence.

“There are always new platforms coming out that you have to jump on if you want to launch something new. If you get on an app that does take off, being there early is definitely a huge help,” he said. “I’ve grown as more and more people find the app. I’m always trying to find new followers on different platforms then convert them to other places.”


“This industry’s a good fit for younger generations because everyone has a phone in their hand.”

His company uses the “six seconds” of Vine video time to promote companies through the short-form clips. They’ve reached over 35 million viewers so far and work with companies such as Jolly Rancher, Skittles, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Snickers, Fiat and even Twitter. Often, local restaurants and companies like MShack are parts of his Vines as well.

“This industry’s a good fit for the younger generation because everyone has a phone or iPad in their hand. The way that marketing is changing, those eyes aren’t even looking at television commercials anymore. Those eyes are looking at small devices,” Bethmann said. “Their attention spans are shortening as well. Platforms like Vine and Snapchat have helped young people’s attention span shorten. If I am watching a TV show and the commercials come on, I pull my phone out.”

Marketing isn’t the only thing that is blowing up on our phones and apps. New apps are developed daily and each person consumes so much in one day it creates an opportunity for start-ups with software, mobile apps or companies such as Six Second Promotions.

The rapidly developing drone industry is another fresh job market that millennials are finding success in.


“More companies are using drones to promote their brands.”

Just how big are drones and their businesses getting? Well, it’s projected to create 100,000 jobs and generate over $82 billion in its first decade, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

As of right now, drone permits have been granted in all 50 states with 38 different uses. That number is projected to skyrocket as the industry grows. Knowing the ins and outs of drones and their many uses will get companies looking your way quickly, and they even tie into social media use. Many photography and real estate companies have begun to utilize drones. More and more companies are using drones to grab content, angles and videos to promote their brands.

The average person under 25 is ultra-familiar with all these platforms, so using them in a commercial sense has become second nature to them. There are perhaps thousands of uses for drones yet to be discovered or developed. It just takes someone with the ingenuity to find it.