There’s an obvious, unmistakably youthful energy to local indie rockers Faze Wave. It could be partly due to the band member’s cherubic countenances (they were good-natured about us asking to see their ID’s before we let them partake in the free bevvies offered up by Lagunitas). But sonically, Faze Wave’s jangly, earnest flavor of rock emanates a kind of energy that’s infectious, endearing and ethereal in its youthfulness.

Jax-based, the group of 20something wunderkinds–Matthew Flynn, Jacob Nemeth, Hunter Hileman, and Zachary Stickler–has earned a devoted following from all corners of North Florida’s sprawl. With a smattering of singles, an EP, and 2018’s full-length Lethologica, the boys have continuously tightened their sound while diversifying it with a variety of modern Indie-tinged moods from drive-y, lo-fi rock to reverb-heavy surf to heartfelt and confessional. With a video and batch of new songs in the works, the band has big plans for 2019. Yet, despite their age, they’ve already proven themselves prolific craftsmen.

Last spring, the Faze Wavers dropped by the Void Mag offices for a stripped down, acoustic-ish performance of tracks from their ever-expanding catalogue, filling our space with some tasteful riffage and sweet, sweet harmonies. Click play to feel good about the direction of our local youth!

Presented by The Amp

0:00 You Need Space
3:38 Leagues
8:37 Waist Line
11:26 Make Out

Produced by: Matthew Shaw
Film/Edit: John Massey
Sound Engineering/Mixing: Glenn Van Dyke
Presented by: The Amp (