The 2416 is well, interesting… being that some of their tracks really don’t fit any one genre while others scream unrefined punk music. Listening to tracks don’t do any justice to this band being that their music is probably only about 60% of their art, the rest lying in their live performances, which leave most band members distort and lying on the floor (see first photo). The 2416 is just walking proof that Punk is alive and well in the streets of Jacksonville (even though most members would disagree with that statement and would frown at anyone that claimed their sound as “punk”- sorry guys), it’s real, dare I say raw, and something that I feel has been missing in this town for quit sometime. Check out The 2416 here, here (myspace), or here (facebook)

1 > What’s this song you guys have been working on “the seedy underbelly…”?

The song “the seedy underbelly of what it means to be cosmopolitan and cool” is basically a commentary on the fact that disco sucks more today than ever.with soo many good , talented and original bands playing their hearts out and working hard to make their art heard , who would have the time to re-live high-school in a disco infested atmosphere.

2 > I hear there’s a new church venue in town, what’s that all about?

Infintesmal records in collaberation with the city of jacksonville opened up a new venue . the snyder memorial church located in hemming plaza will be open every friday night through the month of july . the first installment featured the2416 , tuffy, and the memphibians. shows start @ 8 and will feature infintesmal bands + friends , as well as local featured artists, beer and wine will be on sale . the venue itself is amazing , a giant stage , pipe organ and acoustics that makes it sound like your being romanced by morrisey in a cave

3 > What’s going on with Infintesmal?

ALOT . . . with planned releases from DIG DOG, THE2416 , MEMPHIBIANS, WUDUN, POISONOUS GHOST, BEACH PARTY!, TELL YER CHILDREN, HONEY CHAMBER,STATUS FAUX, AND KEVIN LEE NEWBERRY as well as split albums from other infintesmal signed bands it will roughly make about 31 releases since the labels debut in 2009. as well as shows , events , and collaberations we are definitly proud to be a part of this label .

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