A company out of Silicon Valley called Nootrobox promises to change your brain and improve your cognitive functions without having to get brain surgery or participate in strange experiments.

Nootrobox specializes in nootropics, which are supplements both natural and synthetic that can help supercharge your brain and improve your ability to focus, retain information, and think faster, effectively making you feel smarter. There are tons of resources on the Internet to learn about and buy different nootropics, including a very active page on reddit.

Nootropics are nothing new, but Nootrobox is changing the game and bringing these products into the mainstream. They have brought the dreams of busy people to life by transforming coffee into a travel-friendly chewable gummy form.

They’re called GO CUBES and one serving has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. Along with the caffeine content, the cubes also contain some extra energy and attention-boosting ingredients like B Vitamins, Inositol and L-Theanine. This combination of ingredients is designed to give you the energy of coffee without the jittery anxious feeling you can sometimes get from caffeine overload and can help you focus your brain on important tasks.

When I first read about these cubes, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I’m a huge caffeine addict, but I also have a tendency to get kind of twitchy and nervous when I have too much. Instead of focusing on a task I need to get done, I become too easily distracted by other stuff. I also metabolize caffeine pretty quickly and by lunchtime I’m yawning again.

If these cubes can really do what they claim, they could be a major game-changer. I decided to order a sample pack and give it a shot. Here’s how my day fueled by chewy coffee went.

I typically wake up at 7 a.m. and immediately brew a cup of the good stuff. I’ve been drinking coffee every day for nearly 20 years, since I was a little kid, and I can’t function on any level until I have consumed at least one cup. I’ve tried to kick the habit a couple of times but I might as well have been trying to quit heroin.


Not turning on the coffee maker was a strange feeling. The reason I wake up so early is actually so I have enough time to make my coffee and sit down for a bit slowly drinking it and letting the world come into focus. If I didn’t need a minimum of 20 minutes to savor my morning cup, I could sleep in way longer. But coffee was not meant to be chugged like cheap beer.

The instructions on the cubes recommend taking them about 30 minutes before you need to get charged up, so I waited a bit and just got dressed really slowly since I suddenly had all the time in the world. But Daylight Saving Time f***ed up my sleep cycle and I’m feeling a headache coming on already by 8.

Time to eat a cube. It smells and tastes like coffee! I wasn’t expecting that, so major bonus points. I gave it a few minutes to make sure my body didn’t decide to reject this strange substance, then I had the second one and finished getting ready. By the time I rolled into the office at 9, I was feeling good. I sat down at my desk and decided I needed to make a spreadsheet. I have never made a spreadsheet before in my entire life. I only vaguely know what a spreadsheet is. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to teach myself to use Excel for no particular reason.

Spreadsheets are fun! I am feeling good about my life.


Finally, I open up a couple Google Docs and start writing some s**t since that is actually my job, not making spreadsheets. By 10:30 a.m. I actually feel very focused. I’m really, really awake but not fidgeting and jiggling my legs like usual. I’m able to tune out the conversations going on around me and just sit here and type like my life depends on it. I feel like I can conquer the world … or at least, like, the city or maybe just this neighborhood. These cubes are awesome but they’re not quite like that movie “Limitless.”

On a typical day I have that first cup of coffee in the early hours, then bring a mug of caffeinated black tea with me to drink throughout the morning at my desk. This combination can keep me reasonably awake until the clock starts to head towards 2 p.m. Most days, I am essentially nonfunctional after 3, and I might as well just go home (or maybe take a cue from George Costanza, my personal role model).


On cube day, things are about the same. The website says the effects last for 4 to 6 hours, which is pretty spot on. By 3, I can feel nap time creeping closer. I didn’t exactly get any extra hours of productivity from the cubes compared to regular coffee, but the hours I did get were probably a little more productive than usual, despite a few minor distractions. The day felt like it passed by much faster under the influence of the magic cubes.

GO CUBES won’t be replacing my regular morning cup any time soon, but they’re great to have in my bag in case of a caffeine emergency. I love the taste and experience of drinking real coffee too much to ever give it up but these cubes would be a great addition to real coffee on a super busy day. They would be perfect for traveling as well, and I could see myself munching these during a long drive for sure.