The Hyperloop is an idea by entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk. It’s a type of revolutionary transportation system that could move people from LA to San Francisco in just 30 minutes, take people from NYC to LA in an hour, and do all of this at a lower cost than trains, planes, or cars ever could. In theory, the system would be able to transport people in aluminum pods that would travel up to 800 mph, something that might sound like it belongs in science-fiction, because it has.

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This infographic shows how the proposed system could work.

Musk, who owns other innovative companies like SpaceX and Tesla, has kept his plans for Hyperloop mostly under wraps. In the last few weeks however, a proposed test track has been in talks, and now it looks as if it could really be happening, as more and more momentum builds for the idea.

The 5-mile test track will most likely be built in Texas, according to Musk. There are a lot of challenges going into the project, and the original idea has some problems that are still trying to be worked out. That being said, the plan has so much potential that it looks as if it may actually happen.

Hyperloop’s proposed idea has numerous advantages over current transportation systems. It will be an extremely low energy method of transportation, and Musk hopes it will run entirely on solar panels. It would also use small pods, that cater to the passengers when they are ready to depart, resulting in virtually no wait times.

Hyperloop 6

A proposed map of the revolutionary transportation system includes a stop right here in Jacksonville.

Musk compared it to an enlarged version of the tubes that businesses use to send packages and papers from building to building. We compare it to something more like Futurama‘s vacuum transportation system. Although it will take years for an idea like this to come to fruition, we can almost see the future, and it might be closer than we think, with several maps surfacing online of a proposed track making a stop here in Jacksonville.

Scroll down to see more concept images of what Hyperloop could look like, or watch a video about Hyperloop below via YouTube.

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