Welcome to the future. Two separate startup companies based in Los Angeles are preparing to make all of our science fiction dreams come true with the world’s first elevated tube transportation system capable of traveling 760 mph. Both of the similarly named companies have the same goal, to make Elon Musk’s crazy transport pod design a reality in the near future.

If such a thing existed, trips between cities that normally take several hours could take as little as 30 minutes. Well, luckily for us, both companies are hard at work to make it happen.

On January 20, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced that it was planning to build a 5-mile test track in an area halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Construction is expected to begin sometime this year. Interestingly (and confusingly), Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. announced recently that they would also begin constructing their own test track in Las Vegas later this year.

It would seem that 2016 is the year of the Hyperloop race. It will be exciting to watch the construction of both projects move forward, and it will certainly be fascinating to see which track is completed first. No matter who wins the Hyperloop race, it will definitely be a win for all of us … if they can make it work.