Hurry is a three-piece, pop fuzz/alternative band out of Philadelphia. Earlier this month, they released a 10-song LP, titled, Everything/Nothing.


The second track of their album, “Oh Whitney,” will have you recalling your first enjoyably dysfunctional relationship, as if shot with a Super 8 camera. The indie trio also put together a music video for this track, which doubles as a Guinness World Records attempt for “most fireworks set off on a guitar during a music video.”

If you are into discovering indie music with relatively low listens/views, or just need a feel-good song while commuting on the current wave of beautiful fall days in Jacksonville, give it a listen — you won’t be let down.

If you’re digging the feel of “Oh Whitney,” check out the entire album on Bandcamp, which remains committed to a lo-fi, easy-feels vibe.