In the blink of an eye, Hurricane Joaquin has strengthened to a Category 4 storm! As Joaquin intensified,  it has been pounding the Bahamas with hurricane force winds sustained at 130 mph, bringing extreme storm surge along with torrential downpours of rain. In less than 36 hours, Joaquin has gone from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane, reminding us of the sheer power of Mother Nature and how fast things can change with these weather patterns! There are two major scenarios projected on which way he will turn:


With a big dip in the jet-stream and a large Bermuda high sitting out in the Atlantic, the shifting of these two fronts will create a funnel for which Joaquin will travel through. The first scenario is over the next 12-24 hour, creating an aforementioned low pressure which will push Joaquin further out to sea on a northerly track. The second is the latter, a system over the south stalls allowing the high pressure window to open a bit more. This will still pose as a severe threat to the Mid-Atlantic. Could Joaquin become another Sandy? We will know a lot more over the next 24 hours!


What we do know is that the surf is firing, and we’ve been waiting patiently all summer! It may get a little chunky with the wind through Friday, but all the models are off the charts come Saturday and Sunday! Offshore winds and overhead surf…can’t ask for much more than that! We’ll be back online for an update tomorrow, because as you know, things can and most likely will change. Never take these storms for granted folks! Keep a close eye on the flags because a storm of this magnitude still can pose a threat to our region.

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James Walker


SURF: 2-4ft
WIND: N winds 10-15 in AM turning NNW 5-10 the rest of the day


SURF: **3-5ft+**
WIND: N winds 10-12mph all day


SURF: **3-5ft+**
WIND: WSW winds 10-15 most of the day decreasing to less than 10 late in day


SURF: **3-5ft**
WIND: WNW winds 10-15 in AM decreasing to 5-10 in PM


SURF: 2-4ft
WIND: NW winds 10-15 in AM decreasing to 5-10 in PM