Well… after a long pre-game this week, and keeping our eyes on the radars, Hurricane Irma finally for our sake ticked a little bit west. But our friends in the Keys and Southwest Florida are taking it on the chin.. This is a massive storm that has ripped a deadly path through the Caribbean and is now finally making a hockey stick turn. Now a Category 3 storm, she appears to be blasting through the Keys and on a second hit path with Naples and mowing over the Tampa Bay area. Over the course of the next 24 hours she looks to make her way up the West Central region of the state giving us a heard graze in the process. Over 6.5+ million people have estimated to be evacuated or still evacuating their respective locals across FL. For our locals in Evacuation Zones A&B we hope all we’re able to take precaution early, board it up, collect provisions, and gather your loved ones to safer grounds. Those housing evacuates from down south we hope you’re in safe territory. Once again we’ve dodged a major bullet, but we’re not fully in the clear yet… Unlike Mathew’s path from last year, we won’t see as much of a surge, but the waves are comboed up with a nor’east front that kept Irma creeping west and some tropical punch! Along with a nice full moon going on right now, the peak tides will cause some erosions and flooding in certain areas of North Florida. Because we had so much time to prepare for this massive storm, it had alot of playing the waiting game for when it made the final turn. She’s here now, so those that bailed out stay safe on the roads until you return, and for those of us that bunkered in, stay safe and use your best judgement until these outer bands pass us by come late Monday, we will still see some gusts in upwards of 70+ mph potentially!

So, how about the surf! We’ve had some solid nor’easter conditions leading up to Irma’s impact, and with Jose trailing after her we are going to have some solid mix swell this week but won’t know exactly how it’s going to pan out until she makes her final pass which should switch the winds around to the SW and knock it down pretty fast, but the background swell from Jose should still be around for days! At the peak of the storm swell we’re looking at 10-15’+ waves through today! We love a good Hurricane Swell, and a Big nor’easter, but anyone that is not prepared to surf in these conditions leading up to initial impact, and now until through tomorrow, you should not venture out in the ocean! Dangerous rips, currents, debris are in the waters, and technically the beaches are closed at least until Tuesday, so hang tight, and we’ll have a better picture on a new update tomorrow!

SURF: *6-8+*
WIND: ENE winds 30-40+ all day

SURF: *12-15ft+*
WIND: SE winds 50-60+ most of the day decreasing to 20+ in PM

SURF: *3-5ft*
WIND: SW winds 10-15 all day

SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: SW winds 5-10 all day

SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: NW winds in AM 5-10 turning ESE in PM 5-10

SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: winds light and variable in AM turning NE 5-10 in PM

SURF: *2-5ft*
WIND: NE winds 10-15 all day