Hurricane season unites Jacksonville residents as one common term to the rest of the world — “Floridians,” a different breed of people, who don’t run from a storm, but, instead, track the storm in hopes of no work, great waves and a reason to party. While the rest of the world is glued to The Weather Channel, Floridians are stocking up on cheap beer and vodka and mapping out where and when the swell will hit best.

By now, we know how to stay alive. The one thing weathermen seem to forget to advocate is the important task of how to properly throw a hurricane party. Actually, there’s no better time to party in Jacksonville than during a disaster when no one has to work and the Internet is down. The following are a basics, and what the weathermen will never tell you, about tossing a hurricane party in the 904.

Guest List

Cell towers will likely go out, communication will cease and people might resort to havoc before you can rally your squad. So, make sure all invitees are aware of the party in advance. Keep the guest list exclusive. Not everyone is bearable after a couple of days, especially without water for showers and withdrawal from social media.

If You Think You Have Enough Alcohol or Food, Buy More

The most important component of a hurricane party is the quantity of alcohol on hand. The obvious choice of alcohol is the typical concoction, “The Hurricane.” Buy beer based on the strength of the storm. Category 1 means one pallet, Category 3 means three and Category 5 means you probably should be far away from Jacksonville.

Since you might find yourself hunkered down for awhile, it’s a good idea to stock up on some readily available eats. Think things that will last awhile and don’t need too much refrigeration. That being said, you can always get some ice and pack a cooler full of perishables. Just don’t count on the delivery guy making it to you if there’s a hurricane outside.

Distracting Diversions Are a Must

Yes, it is possible to entertain yourself without Netflix and Instagram. Remember board games? Those things that are like Candy Crush or Words With Friends, but are actually played in real life? They’re perfect for when the power’s out. Invest in “Cards against Humanity,” to really see how inhumane your fellow partiers are.

Stuff You Need To Actually Survive

Alright, so while we’re all for having a little fun during the hurricane party, you might actually want to spend a little time and cash on buying things you might need to survive, like these:

  • A couple cases of bottled water
  • Foods that won’t perish (PB&J’s anyone?)
  • Enough candles to make your house look like a church
  • A few boxes of matches or lighters (for the “candles” … of course)
  • Battery chargers or banks for your phone

When the booze dies out and the storm calms down, you may be feeling brave enough to face the outside world. At the Beaches, Third Street is known for flooding and can be a great place to have kayak races with your friends. After the eye of the storm passes through, gusty winds are produced that are perfect for kite skateboarding (use a sheet as a kite).

Despite the love of storms and finding another reason to party, VOID wishes a safe hurricane season for everyone. Safety is the most important part of preparing for a storm. If evacuation is recommended, postpone the party until after the storm passes over.

904 Hurricane Recipe:

  • 2 oz Marlin and Barrel Distillery Bearing Light Rum
  • .5 oz Grenadine
  • 2 oz St. Augustine Distillery Discovery Series Rum
  • 1 oz Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1 oz Orange Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup

Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Strain into glass of ice and garnish with an orange and a cherry.