Today marks the first day of the wonderment that is Art Basel that takes place annually in Miami. With a million things to do and see, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to survive:

Drink wisely

The amount of open bars this week is cray. Multiple nights in a row of drinking is not for the faint of heart so make good choices. Seek out the sponsored events then stick to that liquor for the rest of the night. Mixing gets messy.

Get in to a private party

It’s not easy – but it’s worth the risk. If all else fails, scale the walls

Eat on the street

Miami is full of  new and amazing restaurants, but let’s be honest, you don’t have that kind of budget and getting a reservation is impossible. This is when street food quickly becomes your best friend. Gourmet food trucks are rampant in the area, allowing very little interruption to your gallery-hopping throughout the day.

Comfort is key

Yes, making a fashion statement is important, especially at an event like this, but do you really want to walk around all week in uncomfortable shoes? That leads to horrible things like the “I don’t care anymore” mode where you whip off your shoes and walk around Miami barefoot. Prep your shoes with gel inserts and bring a comfy pair just in case.

Be a wristband horder

Between the $15-20 entrances at exhibitions, multiple nights of bar tabs  and other miscellaneous and exorbitant spending, you need to cut some corners. Keep all the wristbands and stroll right into other events. Just match up the colors. If that doesn’t work, try asking for a student discount – most places won’t ask for ID.

Not so plastic fantastic

Hit the ATMs before you head out to prepare for all the cash-only bars and exhibits.

La galleria de broke

Only a small percentage of us can easily afford to throw down a few thousand bucks on a piece of art we really like. Keep an eye out for prints. You can score some limited edition ones for $45-60. It’s nice to come back home and keep a piece of Basel for yourself without breaking the bank.

So now you’re prepared for Art Basel 2013. For a glimpse into last year, check out this recap video from Social Buzz Feed.

[youtube id=”JSh-_O_Hdvg” width=”600″ height=”350″]