The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and even if you aren’t a football fan, you’re probably participating in the festivities (aka … drinking). It’s going to be a cold one this Sunday, so cozy up to your drink but don’t take it slow. Your Super Bowl Sunday should consist of good food, good drinks and even better drinking games. Here’s a list of reasons to drink (as if we needed any).


Shot or Beer Chug:

  • If the coin toss is heads
  • If the coin toss is tails
  • Touchdown
  • Field goal
  • Interception
  • Fumble
  • Recovered fumble


3-second Chug:

  • 10-yard penalty or more
  • QB gets sacked
  • First down
  • Someone on the sidelines gets knocked over


5-second Chug:

  • Someone mouths a cuss word
  • Player or coach has a freakout
  • Painfully unfunny “funny” commercial
  • Booze commercial


Finish Your Drink:

  • If you see a full-body painted fan
  • A wardrobe malfunction occurs during halftime show
  • If a performer messes up
  • When a celebrity is shown in the crowd
  • When Peyton Manning calls “Omaha”



  • Incomplete pass
  • Completed pass
  • Mention of marijuana
  • If you see Rob Lowe
  • When you see an American flag
  • Tackle
  • Every time you see a mascot
  • Any mention of ball or balls

So, get drunk, have fun and try not to let it ruin your night if your team loses (maybe you won’t even remember). But always remember …


… oh and get an Uber — don’t be a dumbass