I’m Jason Caruso, contributor for Void magazine, and I want to talk Jaguars fans for one minute.

This past week, John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan law firm, which is based out of Orlando mind you, posted a YouTube video where he reminisced about his personal favorite Tim Tebow memories.

He reminded us all of Timmy’s lustrous career at the University of Florida, where he undoubtedly became one of the best college football players of all time.

It was easy to see where this was going, as John began urging, almost begging Jaguars owner Shad Khan to give Tebow another chance while confusing an end zone with a sideline.

While I’m sure Mr. Khan was impressed after John displayed his lofty football IQ, fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars were not amused and had finally had enough.

They decided that this ends now.

Jaguars fan and supporter group the Bold City Brigade responded to Morgan’s online and radio message with a simple one of their own; “Even If He’s Released.” The words previously uttered by Jags General Manager David Caldwell stuck to fans like glue, becoming a popular tagline for many.

Shortly after Morgan’s video began to spread around social media sites, the group launched EvenIfHesReleased.com. Upon entering the site, there is but only a counter for the “Endorsement from real Jaguars fans that don’t need Tim Tebow.”

That simple little counter is currently at 545,647 clicks within three days and continues to grow.

It would seem ESPN has finally taken notice as well, as you can see in this quick clip posted by the Bold City Brigade.

In a league that seems to never sleep, the NFL and its media outlets have done everything they can to keep any Tebow story alive and it’s been that way for the past year and a half. They were talking about a backup quarterback more than the guy starting in front of him.

The Bold City crew is angry, pissed; OVER IT, BRAH, and you should be too.

Real Jaguars fans understand that this is going to be a process, but that it’s nothing that one single player will fix, regardless of how god-like you feel he may be.

One thing is for certain and it’s that this passionate movement shouldn’t be confused as hate for Tebow or his supporters. This is simply a sign of Jaguars fans putting their feet firmly down on the soil of Duval county, while telling the entire world, “We’ve heard your piece, now get the hell off of our lawn! Duval.”

As is tradition, the Teal Street Hooligans and Bold City Brigade will be tailgating this season at the corner of Duval and Bryan streets for every home game, uniting fans from all over and creating a unique and addictive environment for any Jaguars fan.

Join the movement and become a member of the Bold City Brigade today by visiting BoldCityBrigade.com There you can sign up to be a member online, find out more about reincarnation of Everbank Field’s ‘Cage of Rage’ and much more.

And if by any chance you might still be wondering…

…even if he’s released.