If you have been paying attention to the news at all, you will probably notice that the United Kingdom voted last night to leave the European Union in a reform know as “Brexit.” While that may not seem like too big of a deal for us across the pond, the E.U., governs all of the European countries that are members and that ties together both laws and economy.

Bored yet? OK, if you’re still with me, there is some good news to this for young Americans that want to travel (unfortunately at the expense of the global economy). This morning after the Brits pulled out of the E.U., the value of the Pound and the Euro fell drastically. According to CNN, the British Pound fell nearly 11 percent. Not so good for the United States strongest European ally.

If you fall under the category of wannabe world traveler, now is the time to bust out your “Wanderlust” tattoo and lock in your trip to Europe. Your Norwegian Air and WOW air flights will be almost non-existent for at least the next two years. From now until then, your U.S. Dollar is going to go a LOT farther while you are in Europe.


For instance, it used to cost an American roughly $3 to get a Coke anywhere in London, but after Brexit that same Coke is going to cost you right around $2.25. Still a little expensive for a Coke, but on a bigger scale, you will save $75 every time you spend $300, and that’s easy to do in another country.

In the grand scheme of things let’s hope Brexit does not cause an economic meltdown of the entire world. Only time will tell if this was a good move for the U.K. or not. The E.U. Will probably do everything in its power to punish England and show the rest of Europe that leaving was a mistake and that may have a negative effect on the U.S. Economy as well.

So, by visiting England and boosting their economy, you are in turn helping the U.S. as well.  Go abroad! Save money! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! Visit this BBC link for a full breakdown of everything Brexit.