MMA is a sport that has taken the world by storm in the past few of years. Of course, the fact that the men are attractive doesn’t make the fights exactly hard to look at.


The House of Fame MMA has decided to come to Jacksonville to gather mixed martial arts fighters who want to show what they are truly made of. This franchise will be based in River City and will have an inaugural fight September 6 after recruiting people of all levels to come out for these epic cage fights. MMA is partnering with Armada Football Club, Jacksonville Sports Council and the Jaguars to place the spotlight on Jacksonville as the place to be for sports entertainment.

Frank Morejon, a talent coordinator with the franchise, said, “We chose a market that was really untouched and we want to show people what real pro MMA is about… And this partnership is helping us to build the sport and really put Jacksonville on the map.”


MMA is hoping to test out the market first and see if it is worth the financial investment to push the sport here in Florida where exposure for fighters seems to be lacking. Numbers wise, it would seem that mixed martial arts would do great, seeing as the sport as a whole has over 300 million viewers. The first few matches they will test will be held in the Veterans Memorial Arena, which will let Morejon and his team know whether to stay in Florida or pull out.