If you’ve always dreamed of having a conversation with a random Swedish person, but can’t afford the flight, your wish has been granted. The Swedish Tourist Association has set up a phone number that allows anyone in the world to call Sweden and be connected to a random citizen.

It’s unclear if the people of Sweden are very lonely or just really obsessed with their own greatness (maybe both?), but it’s a cool concept either way. Presumably, they hope you’ll call and hear about all the fantastic tourist attractions that Sweden has to offer and then you’ll want to immediately go there and experience it for yourself. Spoiler alert: Sweden pretty much just has some moose and a lot of little square buildings, but the weather is decent.

If you’re interested, you can call the official Sweden hotline at +46 771 793 336 and ask a random Swede all of your burning questions about meatballs and flimsy furniture. Swedes are not generally known for their friendliness or willingness to engage in small talk so it could be quite an interesting, if short, call. Luckily, they pretty much all speak fluent English, so no need to worry about that.


It sure does make you wonder what would happen if people in other countries could call and speak to a random American. That would almost definitely turn into a national PR nightmare. At least with Sweden’s population of less than 10 million, your chances of connecting with a completely insane Swedish citizen is probably pretty low … probably.