“Hot Tub Time Machine 2” lives up to the usual outcome of an unnecessary sequel … not that good and well, unnecessary.

The first movie was admittedly stupid at times, but overall quite funny and filled with great 1980’s jokes. It worked on almost every level. This one however, just doesn’t hit the same notes, and it’s not only because John Cusack is absent. While he didn’t single-handedly make the first movie funny, his absence doesn’t help the sequel’s quality. His replacement, Adam Scott (from Step Brothers) is one of the funnier parts of the entire film. Still, there was something that worked about Cusack, especially being somewhat of an ’80’s icon.

The line, “Shotgun to the d***,” was a funny one-liner from the first film, but this one may have taken it too far. Lou, being rich after inventing Google when he stayed in the past, gets shot in the d*** by a shotgun. Unfortunately, most of the movie is just really bad d*** jokes. When I find myself asking them to stop repeating the same material, that says a lot.

The future in 2025 is not completely different from now. Cars drive themselves and there are electronic drugs. They go on the number one TV show, where celebrities are forced to do nasty things. The plot revolves around Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke searching the future for the killer. They tell everyone, or most people, that they are from a hot tub from the past, so the killer ends up being from the future. None of it is really worth rehashing. Adam Scott’s character, who is playing John Cusack’s son, has a wedding the day after he runs into his dad’s old friends. He gets an electronic lady bug placed on his neck and goes through a long drug trip in one of the movie’s funnier scenes.

It turns out he is the killer, because Lou (Corddry) has sex with his soon to be wife. The three main characters repeat many of the same troupes from the first entry, but without any of the succes. Nick (Robinson) can’t write his own songs and still rips off a major artist before they write them. Lou goes through the same ups and downs, while his son Jacob (Duke) still hates him and loves him from minute to minute. They stop Adam Jr. and decide to use the hot tub to create more alternate universes.