Ghost 3

Synth-pop duo Alex Frankel and Nicholas Millhiser, commonly referred to as Holy Ghost!, released a cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, and the finished product is simply awesome. I would even go as far to say that this version rivals the original, but that is simply opinion. Frankel and Millhiser are not the only ones who have covered Drake’s hit single. Dev Hynes and the Arctic Monkeys have also released covers of the song, but this one is undoubtedly my personal favorite. Frankel tackles Drake’s vocals on the track, but with a much lower voice register. The background for this song comes from a 2007 Italo-disco track Holy Ghost! produced titled, “Hold On”, oddly enough. This time around however, the disco-dial has been significantly turned up, and the track feels as if it could come straight off of Daft Punk’s recent album Random Access Memories. The kicks and handclaps will surely keep you from sitting still while listening to this track, but with such a heavy disco feel, its impossible not to let out a little Saturday Night Fever.

Ghost 1

Listen to the cover below via the band’s Soundcloud, oh and this song is also available for free download here.