The holidays have a way of creeping up every year – one minute, it’s June and you’re dating more people than you can keep track of, and the next it’s December and you somehow find yourself alone just in time for cuddle weather, holiday parties and winter events.

Nothing is worse than spending the holiday season pouting at the singles table, so if you aren’aren’t in a relationship, be sure to secure a “holidate” to keep your inner Grinch at bay. A holidate, can make laughing at your boss’ lame jokes and listening to your drunken relatives fight about politics an endurable experience. But finding a holidate is easier said than done, so below are some more creative ideas to help you  find love this holiday season.


Craigslist: You can find anything on Craigslist, so why pass up the Internet’s most convenient website on your hollidate search? Make a post, sit back, and wait for the perfect holidate to find their way into your Inbox.

Upside: It’s free and fast and you can simultaneously sob into a bowl of brownie mix with sad Christmas songs playing in the background while you search!

Downside: If you don’t have a private investigator on hand to research potentials, you run the risk of bringing the Craigslist killer to your family’s Christmas dinner. It’s not free, but this website boasts more promising results than Craigslist. Just log on and enter your location, and profiles of friends willing to accompany you to even the most awkward of office parties appear instantly!

Upside: Most rental holidates are only $10 an hour!

Downside: You run the risk of showing up with someone who looks nothing like their profile picture.

Speed dating: Speed is the name of the game, so if you’re in a rush for a last-minute date, this could be the perfect solution! There are countless speed dating opportunities around Jacksonville for you to utilize to find a perfect holidate.

Upside: Rather than enduring a whole evening of awkwardly painful small talk, you only have six minutes of suffering if you’re totally not feeling it.

Downside: You only have six minutes to explain why it’s not desperate or weird that they’ll be meeting your entire family on your second date.

Drunk dialing your ex: There’s nothing like igniting an old flame when you’re home for the holidays. Your ex from high school still probably lives four blocks from the house you grew up in, and – let’s be real –  you still know their number by heart.

Upside: They know you and all your family’s dirty secrets, so no explanation is needed when your mom does her annual table dance to “Baby it’s Cold Outside” after her fourth whisky cider.

Downside: Severe emotional and/or psychological pain may follow.

House of Worship Hopping: Whatever your religious affiliation, be open-minded this holiday season, as there are hundreds of houses of worship in your area, and hundreds  of singles at all of them!

Upside: There’s a lot of down time during the sermons to scan the crowd for potential dates.

Downside: God sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good and when you only visit his houses of worship to find a holidate…

Strategic Mistletoe Placement: Love at first kiss could be the solution, if you know how to correctly utilize this season’s favorite plant. If you have a crush, hang mistletoe around their frequent hangout spots. If you don’t have a specific object of affection in mind, bring this hat with you everywhere to target attractive strangers.

Upside: Just pucker up! It’s that simple.

Downside: You can’t always control who wanders under your mistletoe, so be prepared to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.