Looking for the next big high? Aren’t we all? Well, there’s a high you can achieve legally and awesomely. These headphones by Nervana are designed to give you a natural high. While this might sound like an unachievable goal, believe it or not, it’s totally achievable.

These headphones are paired with a device called the generator. The generator receives the audio from your music device and produces an electrical pulse matching the beat of the music, which is then sent to the headphones. These pulses trigger the vagus nerve through the inner ear canal. This releases all those feel-good hormones we all love like hormones, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

The generator also has an ambient mode, where it can analyze the sounds of your surrounding environment and match the nerve stimulation to it. This way you’ll get a modified experience each time. This means plugging these in at a music concert will get you high to the music around you.


You’re probably wondering, if you’re a goody two-shoes, how this is legal. Well, it just is! Actually, it is considered a lifestyle and wellness device which doesn’t need FDA approval. The only thing standing in your way of these “dope” headphones is $299, a.k.a. it ain’t cheap. When you add up what you’re probably spending to get high, this is most likely cheaper. Am I right?

These bad boys will be up for pre-order in March (so close!) and will be shipped late spring.

“Let’s get high” is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Disclaimer: (for those who care) The company doesn’t want you to Nervana and drive at the same time, though. Nervana CEO Ami Brannon clarified that while there is no impairment to brain function, the official advice is to avoid driving for 30 minutes after use.