Imagine a life in which you can join a community that connects you with how you feel about your favorite hobby, activity or interests. A life in which you tailor hashtags to fit your specific interests, a life where your newsfeed is no longer flooded with unnecessary posts that you don’t care about or want to see … this, is life in HI-FI.

You may remember the HI-FI team members Winder Hughes, Josh Hoye and Colin Brooks from Jacksonville’s One Spark event this past April. The team premiered the concept to the public receiving an overwhelming response and now, the wait is almost over for the app to be released. This July, after much anticipation, HI-FI will be available for you and your friends to begin.

“Bringing the hashtag language to life, HI-FI unlocks a new, uncluttered social experience that sparks more engaging conversations and lasting communities,” Winder Hughes, CEO of HI-FI, said. “Think about it – a new place where you can instantly engage with the things you care about. It’s a really big deal.”


HI-FI is a social network that allows you to connect and follow hashtags personalized by your lifestyle interests. Not only does the app provide content but also allows for playful competition. 1UPS, a button that allows you to challenge the best content, demand transparency in the most relevant and up-to-date media.

“HI-FI focuses on everything that you are about. We bring together your casual, active and digital lifestyle into this revolutionary new social experience,” Colin Brooks, brand strategist, said. “With our Tag Topics platform and rich-media features, HI-FI gives users what they’ve been looking for, that next big thing!”

More than an app, HI-FI is a lifestyle. Combining the best features of current social media platforms (popular page, favorites, comments) but adding features unique to the app like Tag Topics and 1UPS.

“Every post on HI-FI can be 1UPD by other users, which brings in that extra element of fun,” Josh Hoye, creative director, said. “Our 1UP feature takes social interactions to the next level, which drives the conversation and inspires your friends.”

Unlike any other social network in existence, HI-FI pulls from a compilation of user generated content, animated GIFs, HD photos and GoPro® videos to bring you and your friends the most intense and engaging content.

“We intentionally kept the design simple and clean, while maintaining our unique style,” Hoye said. “The entire user interface, ranging from the lifestyle icons to the colors, were all thoroughly and painstakingly thought out to create a place that encourages more engaging interactions than just a simple “like” or “retweet.”

The goal of this free app is to organize your passion, taking your interests and turning them into a focal point.

“As a social app, users should be captivated by the content they see and also be motivated by it,” Hoye said.


For more information on how to connect with HI-FI follow them on social:

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