Trying to stick with that New Year’s Resolution you promised you’d keep this year? If you’re like most people, maybe your attempts at a healthier lifestyle are going a little something like this …

Me: “2018 is going to be my year of healthy living. Okay, one day down, I deserve a treat.”

*picks up phone and dials*

*eats whole pizza*

Don’t sweat it, living a healthy life year-round can be difficult with all of the delicious, not-so-healthy options that surround our culture. If you set out to live your best life and need a nudge to kick off healthy living, then give yourself the tools to succeed.

Search for some delicious recipes to cook at home and pin point restaurants that match up with your dietary goals, such as the House of Leaf and Bean. A new restaurant on Beach Boulevard (as of December) the House of Leaf and Bean is a temple promoting healthy, organic living, while making it affordable for everyone. All of their produce and ingredients, down to their compostable “plastic” ware, is meant to benefit your body and the environment, as it is 100 percent organic and verified.

Wen Raiti, the mastermind of the operation, was inspired to open the House of Leaf and Bean because of her own health ailments and her passion for everyone to have healthful, organic living at their fingertips.

An exciting feature being added to the House of Leaf and Bean is the addition of a drive-thru. Opening on Wednesday, January 24, the drive-thru includes organic, meat and vegan-friendly options such as sushi, salad, hummus, dumplings, smoothies and more. This is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the move, but doesn’t want to eat junk. What’s more is this is the first vegan drive-thru in Jacksonville! Even if you are not aboard the vegan train, there’s no harm in trying some of the delicious vegan options that the House of Leaf and Bean has to offer.

Organic living at an affordable cost is not Raiti’s only mission. Another unique experience that many customers enjoy is the Zen room for meditation in-house.

“I wanted to offer our customers peace of mind, an environment they can de-stress. So, they can sit there for a few minutes, by himself or herself.”

There is no technology allowed in the Zen room, designed to give you and your mobile device an intermission during the day or night. Meditation is proven by the Mayo Clinic to give a clear outlook on stressful situations, increase patience and tolerance, and increase self-awareness. Wen believes that true health is not only achieved by the fuel one provides their body, but also through regular exercise and an outlet to de-stress.

Not only is the meditation room used for clearing one’s mind, but tea ceremonies are offered for just $5 to tea enthusiasts. The tea ceremonies last one hour and are meant to provide customers with a relaxing environment to de-stress and enjoy a cup of fresh tea. The tea ceremonies have become very popular, and are booked for the next three weeks in advance.

All of the tea is sourced from organic tea farms in China and other locations worldwide. Raiti is originally from China, and draws most of her inspiration for the restaurant from her culture. To book for the tea ceremony visit,

Raiti is truly passionate about her mission, and it showed while speaking with her. She wants to get it right and do good by the Jacksonville community. “Doing the right thing isn’t easy, especially in the restaurant industry.”

She said everyday she has to make decisions — the right decisions or the wrong decisions. If she makes the right decision, then that means she has to pay more in order to stand by her mission and keep the food affordable and organic. Raiti is set on providing the community with truly fresh and healthy food, but calls on support from the Jacksonville community as well.

Even her employees share her enthusiasm, as she expressed how grateful she is for them and their hard work, which does not go unnoticed. It shows in the friendly service and absolutely mouthwatering meals provided. The passion exists, and is slowly spreading through the community already.

“We have a lot of people really passionate about us. Helping us, supporting us because they know the story behind this. They know what we are doing,” said Raiti.

The House of Leaf and Bean is ready to help people reach their goals of healthy living. If you have not stopped by, put down the phone and give their organic food a shot. Be sure to check the calendar of events on their website for upcoming Valentine’s Day specials and the Chinese New Year Celebration. Browse more photos below of what you can expect from their menu.