North Florida has events and activities most areas would beg to be a part of.  Come early May we have one of the best international golf events of the entire year right in our backyard.

When May 9th through the 12th come along the area will be maxed out with fans from all over the place. Hotels will be booked, restaurants will be packed and most employers in the area will be “lightly staffed” for the week.

We’ve done over 13,765 hours of case studies and field interviews with fans and players to come up with a list of the common Do’s and Don’t’s to make your TPC week the best it possibly can be….

Prior to tournament

This is the perfect time to plan your escape from work or school in order to properly enjoy your PLAYERS week.  Be very careful in how you approach this because if you call in sick and run into your boss at the 13th green, it could quickly turn into an awkward situation. The good thing about this event and North Florida is that over the years, its only grown larger and is practically a holiday for those within a 50 mile radius.


Tournament Dress Attire

As you head to your closet to prepare your wardrobe for the day please keep these recommendations in mind.



  • No white, bright neon, or marlin belts.  Please note…If you are caught wearing this please be prepared to answer the following questions.  Who are you sponsored by?  Where is your caddy?
  • No wearing of dumb outfits in order to get on T.V.  If you’re lucky enough to be spotted on T.V or mentioned in the broadcast because of these outfits there will be a 90% chance it’s a joke directed at you.
  • No golf shoes….period!  (This is equivalent to wearing a wetsuit in the grocery store).  You have no tee time, you are not in contention, they’re not more comfortable than regular shoes …please…move on!


  • Wear comfortable and light colored clothing.  The event has been moved in recent years from March so the weather is much warmer in May.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  If you’re wanting to see good golf, you’ll be doing a lot of walking of which will include going up and down hills.
  • Be sure to wear a hat and use sunscreen.  A golfer’s tan in the worst.




  • No high heels. Although you may think you look hot in those 7 inch heels, just wait until you’re walking in the soft grass up a hill with a crowd of people.
  • Please refrain from wearing your giant Derby hats.  You may think all the people in the crowd are whispering how stunning you look, but what they are actually saying is how they wish you would trip or fall down so they can actually see the golf that you’re blocking.


  • Once again it is really important to emphasize comfortable clothing.  Be aware that you could be sitting on hills, squatting and climbing up stairs.  Most women find a good pair of shorts or a light outfit to be best.
  • The shoes are once again the most important factor.  Nothing is more unattractive than a complaint within the first 500 ft of the front gate about how your feet hurt.


Golf Etiquette

This event brings together the top players in the world who compete for millions of dollars in prize money.  It’s important to keep in mind these small tips when you are on the grounds of the Stadium Course:

  • Cell phones are allowed.  This rule was recently changed by the tour in the past couple of years.  Since cell phones are allowed please keep in mind that there are certain things not to do.  There are designated cell phone areas away from the action that will keep the noise levels down.  Be sure to use these areas to make your calls.
  • No pictures are allowed during the actual tournament- Thursday through Sunday.  You will be tackled and tazed if caught!
  • Please refrain from being the guy who yells “You da man” or “In the hole”.  Trust us…these guys already know they are the man and they understand completely the objective of the game is for the ball to be in the hole. ( Please note:  these statements and outburst are about as stupid as trying to snorkel the St. Johns River)
  • Be aware of what is going on around you.  If nobody in a 30 foot radius is talking except you it is for a reason.  There is something very important going on just on the other side of the ropes.
  • Don’t try and swim in the lake on 17 after being over served.  There are plenty of first aid stations througout the property so if you feel overheated please feel free to go there instead.


Written by Michael Graybeal and be seen in the latest edition of Void, THE PLAYERS issue.