You may remember, a few months back, when we dropped an issue of Void Mag (our Arts & Music one, specifically) with a blank cover on racks across Northeast Florida. It was a clarion call to local creatives. Our message: Design your own cover!

Well, weeks later we found ourselves sitting on more than 100 submissions–abstract and representational paintings, meticulous pointillist creations, collage and assemblage, digital mockups, even 3D sculptures. The response from the community overwhelmed us, to be sure. And with our proverbial inspiration-cup overflowing, we decided to throw a party. Part gallery group show, part immersive Void Mag experience, the Void Cover Art Show filled our new WIP-office space in Jax Beach with artists, musicians, and community leaders, all there to view the nearly two dozen large scale prints of reader submitted cover art.

Garage-y, primitive rock n’ roll band Cherry Springer provided a decidedly Andy Warhol’s Factory-esque ambience to the evening. And LOVE Culture’s Che wooed the audience with soulful cuts from her upcoming solo release, all while the collection of Northeast Florida creatives mingled and admired what our community wrought. And with prints donated by AIM Printing & Graphics we also raised nearly $300 to support the initiatives of artist Nico Holderbaum’s arts nonprofit, Kid’s Mural Project. 

We’ll have plenty more content from the evening in coming weeks. For now, peep these party snaps from the lens of Ryan Montez.