So, you’ve been dating your significant other for awhile now, and things are getting pretty comfortable. One day, they grab your phone, enter your password and browse through your recent messages. Got anything to fear?

While some of you are thinking you might wanna slap the sh*t out of someone for going through your phone, there are others who really just don’t give a f**k when it comes to the topic of sharing access to your phone with a boyfriend or girlfriend, as our poll shows.

Speaking to both couples and single folks, the answers varied. Some couples, regardless of how long they have been together (long-time relationship, married, just starting dating, hooked up last weekend) didn’t mind each other checking out who they are calling or texting. Others don’t even want to be put on the spot by being asked if they are cool with nosing around in each other’s business, and quickly told us to get lost when we attempted an interview … awk.

Kelsey Cooke, 22, and Connor Garrity, 21, are completely fine with it and even have each other’s fingerprints on their phones to unlock them. Going through each other’s cell phones is not unusual for the couple of a little more than two years.

“If he randomly picked up my phone and was just going through my messages, I’d be like, ‘why are you concerned?’” Kelsey said. “But if he asked to see my phone, I wouldn’t be worried about anything. He plays games on my phone for hours at a time.”

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In this modern life, there are just about as many apps to conceal your conversations with others as there are apps that keep your data logged for prying eyes. Daniel Sheffield, who’s single, said he wouldn’t hide things on his phone.

“If I do have anything to hide, I’m not hiding it on my phone,” he said. “It’s much easier to hide stuff now. With technology, if you don’t want something to be found there are so many options to keep it hidden.”

Lauren Cantrell, who’s been in a relationship for five years, said that if her boyfriend asked he could go through her phone to check out her contacts, text messages, photos and more, he’d have to ask first.

“If you can’t trust someone then why be with them? That’s pointless,” she said. “I would let him go through it if he asked. I think the truth comes out more with technology. The people that are trying to be sneaky get found out more.”