There’s something truly magical about summer days. When waking up to the world each day, our minds are racing on what we can do to truly feel alive. For some, it’s going to the beach every day to ride the waves that Jacksonville has to offer, and for others, it’s walking through an unfamiliar nature trail with their trusted companion at their side. Whatever adventure life has to offer, there’s a GoPro camera and mount for that.

The newest GoPro camera, the Hero4 Black, is priced at $499, while the original Hero camera goes for $199. You have to weigh the features you’re willing to pay for. The Hero4 Black produces 4k30 resolution and now features Superview, which is a mode that captures the “world’s most immersive video.” It allows more footage of yourself and your surroundings to be seen. There’s even the brand new GoPro Session, a more compact version of the Hero4. The GoPro is basically a Selfie Stick on steroids. It’s no secret investing in a GoPro has grown in popularity over the years; more so now than ever.

In February, GoPro announced their full year 2014 results. Their “Revenue [was] $633.9 million, compared to $361.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2013,” according to One of the best things about GoPro is the ability to take the camera underwater and still have the quality of amazing footage as you do above ground. Therefore, you can take the GoPro from the ocean, to the pool and even to the springs where the clarity is vivid. When you live in Florida and are surrounded by water, the possibilities are endless.

GoPro has mounts for any activity imaginable, ranging from snowboarding to aviation to fishing. The list goes on and on with over 26 different mounts. They range from $9.99 for the Tripod Mount to $69.99 for the 3-Way Mount (a camera grip, an extension arm and a tripod all in one.)   Oh and there’s the Fetch Mount, aka a dog harness, to record from your pet’s point of view. Does it get better than that? Once you have decided on which GoPro camera and mount(s) is perfect for you, it’s time to break that bad boy out of the package and make some epic videos as well as capture unique photos.

One of the keys to having an over-the-top video is being able to edit many clips seamlessly while adding in the perfect song from your playlist. Adding music to your GoPro video is crucial. It sets the right tone you’re trying to convey, especially if you’re doing it in 15 seconds or less for Instagram.

No matter what summer has in store for you, you’re gonna want to remember it in the best way possible, and that is with GoPro. Founder and CEO of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman, said it best, “This is your life … GoPro.”