Glass 2

There has been a lot going on in the world of Google Glass as of late. From the top-secret Google Barge, to the release of the Google Glass Explorer Edition, it seems as if the dawn of the wearable tech is almost upon us. Last week, Google unveiled the latest edition of the augmented reality system with several updates and various upgrades. The reason for all these changes? The initial trial program called the “Explorer Edition” (referred to above) saw Google Glass hit the streets of a select few areas. Testers who received the prototype version of the glasses paid an astonishing $1,500 and waited for a year or more on an exclusive list just to get their hands on the new product before anyone else. This gave Google the opportunity to run a beta version before Glass goes commercial. Upon reading a few reviews however, it seems like Glass still has a long way to go before a well-polished product is ready to hit the market sometime next year. Despite what people are saying about the Explorer Edition so far, Google has already begun making adjustments from user feedback.

A few of these new improvements include a new hardware update to fix minor errors and make adjustments, compatibility with existing prescription eyeglasses and a new external earbud, which takes the place of the previous “bone-conduction” speaker from the first Glass prototype. All of these updates seem good, minus the last one, which seemed like a really interesting feature on the wearable AR glasses. The design looks decent, but the product still looks like something out of an 80s science-fiction movie. Google has yet to mention any updates referring to the overall design in future generations, but lets hope they can make it a little more appealing, and less bulky.

Glass 3

As the Explorer Edition continues to expand its user base, Google will have more and more feedback to work with and therefore apply to improvements for Glass. Want to find out more? Visit the Google Glass homepage to stay up to date on what’s happening with Glass.