“I’m blowing this popsicle stand, come to my last show, I’m moving away to ATL on May 31.”

That’s what reads on the saddening Facebook event titled, “Goodbye Woven In,” an event that will be the final Jacksonville performance of the indie artist Woven In.

For those who don’t know, Woven In is the solo project of Mariah Johnson, a local musician who has been around the Jacksonville music scene for a number of years. Johnson, who will also be featured in Void’s upcoming music issue as a guest editor, has played in several bands in town, a few of which (Foreign Trade why are you gone?!) happen to be some of my favorite local acts.

This event will be held on Sunday, May 25 at TSI. Show starts at 8. I highly recommend that you attend.

Johnson, with the help of some contributors such as Ray Heekin, put out her solo project’s first EP, Woven In, on March 31. The album can be heard and purchased here for those looking to score some great new music. Listen to a few of Johnson’s songs below via her Soundcloud channel.

More info on the bands performing at the show:
Burnt Hair – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burnt-Hair/177730049040624
Ruffians – https://www.facebook.com/ruffiansfc
Woven In – http://woveninband.tumblr.com/