The Coronavirus pandemic represents a sudden, unanticipated work stoppage for many individual artists.

In an effort to support local artists who lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville has created the THE FUND FOR ARTS AND CULTURE. The Fund was seeded, in part, by Void Mag’s Void This Virus t-shirt sales and first round of direct donations.

Local artists at Void HQ for our Cover Art Gallery show in November of ’19. || Photos: Montez

The Fund for Arts and Culture will continue to raise support through individual donations and in partnership with social entrepreneurs, corporations, and local businesses.  DONATE ONLINE

The Fill the Void: Artist Relief Funding Campaign will provide funds directly to Duval County-based artists of all disciplines whose livelihoods in the arts have been negatively impacted by the crisis.

Applicants must demonstrate three things:

    1. 1. that they are professional artists;
    1. 2. that they have lost work in their artistic field specifically due to the closures, cancellations and shutdown of businesses created by the pandemic;
    1. 3. and that they have a need for financial support due to the crisis.

Grants of up to $250 – to be used for living expenses – will be awarded.  Awards will be made based on urgency, need, impact, and availability of grant funds.
Deadline to submit applications to the Fill the Void:  Artist Relief Funding Campaign is Thursday, April 16, 2020 (11:59 p.m., online).  CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION

Questions?  Please contact Megan Reid (