Tired of walking or renting a golf cart to play 18 during your golf outings?

Well a company out of California is aiming to change the way people get from hole to hole when playing golf. The GolfBoard is an electric powered board that carries you and your clubs to your next shot or hole, and it could be coming to a course near you.

The GolfBoard

The GolfBoard’s founders have a back round in the development and production electric powered bikes and skateboards and the design for the GolfBoard is based off that of an electric skateboard. It is basically an electric skateboard that is designed to maneuver through the hilly, thick grass, sometimes tough terrain golf courses can have around the world.

The goal of the GolfBoard is to give riders a tool to carry their clubs and a quick way of getting from shot to shot, while enjoying an alternative option when navigating through a golf course.

“GolfBoard will change the way you experience the game of golf. The easy to ride electric board makes getting from one shot to the next just as fun as hitting a great drive or approach shot. The GolfBoard speeds up the game, is easy and intuitive to operate, has less impact on a course than a golf cart, and allows golfers to surf the golf course in a way that feels similar to snowboarding or surfing,” said the company on their Kickstarter page.

The GolfBoard has gotten a great amount of attention from their Kickstarter campaign in which they were aiming to make $100,000 to start production on boards for the general public. Their campaign exceeded that number, now standing at an amount of $105,589 in donated money.

The GolfBoard has three different options with different features that cater to each golfer personally.

There are 3 Different models of the GolfBoard

First, the Bag Mount and Stability Handle model allows riders to have storage space for golf gear, snacks, and refreshments, while the low center of gravity of the board allows you to ride without ever having to worry about you, your board or bag tipping over.

Second, the Classic Carry model doesn’t offer the golfer to use their bag as a stability tool, but it carries enough weight and gives the rider enough stability to throw their golf bag over their shoulder, while sacrificing the stability and convenience of the handle  to give the rider the opportunity to get a “low impact, full body workout,” from riding the board.

Third, the Free Ride, is basically your typical electric skateboard. It is designed to give the rider more of a boarding experience while having a free hand to help with balance and speed adjusting through a wireless blue tooth remote that controls the board. New club designs, that give golfers the ability to adjust their club universally, with changing heads, head angles, and shaft length, allow golfers to carry less and enjoy the board with a light load.

Now that the GolfBoard has raised enough money to reach it’s funding mark, and some, the first production run is in the works and the board should be available to the public later this year or at the beginning of 2015. With spokespersons in the likes of big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton, and fitness guru and Bally Total Fitness founder, Don Wilman, the board has gained overwhelming attention from extreme sports enthusiasts and fitness junkies on golf courses around the US.

In our latest print issue of Void Magazine, there is a story titled: Blurred Lines, The Intermingling Between Golf and Action Sports, that talks about the transition and relationship between golf and the world of action sports. The GolfBoard just further proves the evident blending of the two areas of sports and is giving people who participate in both areas, a way to do a little bit of both at the same time. It’s a way to bring a new, fun factor to the game of golf.

With the popularity of surfing, skateboarding, and of course golf in the North Florida area, we could be seeing a lot of these GolfBoards on the greens and fairways of the 904 in the very near future. For more information check out the video below or visit the GolfBoard Kickstarter page, they have a lot of really helpful and technical information about the product. Basically anything you would want to know about it.