Michael Glabicki of the classic ’90’s jam band Rusted Root, is bringing his new side project, Uprooted, to Mojo’s BBQ Kitchen in Jax Beach on March 2nd.

Glabicki and Rusted Root guitarist Dirk Miller have been touring the country working out new, experimental jams that each stand on their own as unique pieces of art. They’re playing fresh Uprooted songs like “Man not a Machine,” along with material from Rusted Root’s deep discography like “Send Me on my Way.”


Uprooted’s musical direction is exploratory, ebbing and flowing with the energy of each room they play.

It’s more about being in the moment with the crowd and ourselves,” Glabicki says. “I have the musicians around me that have the psychic ability and the musical chops to pull that off. So the music changes vastly each night.”

With a musical relationship spanning over 25 years, it’s sure to be a spectacle for the ears to hear these two intertwine notes. Considering the massive crowds they’ve played before and the feature films in which their music has been featured (Ice Age and Matilda), it’s a rare and special opportunity to hear Uprooted in such an intimate setting.

Miller and Glabicki. Photo: Cara Freidham

Glabicki talks about his connection to the music in a spiritual way, which shows promise and care for each note that is played.

“To be up on stage and to be connected and fearless is a blessing. I don’t think I would be learning as much if I was in front of fifty thousand people each night,” he says. “This is more shamanic experience and less of a thought out show! It’s funny but the smaller, more intimate venues are the bigger experience.”

Tickets are available online. The show starts at 10 PM on Saturday, March 2nd.