On Friday, the popular music sharing platform, BandCamp, will waive its revenue fees, allowing every cent from purchases of artist’s music to go directly to the artists, themselves. (Typically Bandcamp takes 10-15% of all sales.)

As you can imagine, this whole Coronavirus thing has put the breaks on music performances in general–severely limiting the ability of local artists to make a living. So bravo, Bandcamp! Especially since there are loads and loads and loads of local artists whose music has been uploaded to the site. If you’re unfamiliar, tracks on Bandcamp usually cost $1 to download, but are often free to listen or preview.

So dig this math: If every one of our 90,000 monthly readers bought one track on Friday, that’d be $90,000 in the pockets of local artists.

Here’s a list of some of our faves:

Animal Clinic
Distinctive samples, tasty piano licks, and clever songwriting highlight Year of the Bore a 2019 solo project from James Rubia (Star Goon, Master Radical, Black Pine, Kairos Creature Club). Certainly worth a deep dive, when you have time… like now!

The Young Step
A little Byrne, a little Bowie, with some Sabbath-esque rock riffage for good measure, The Young Step’s first full-length El Clasicosounds like the most fun anybody’s had making an album in Northeast Florida, maybe ever.


Oh, how we love this band. LPT’s brought its high infectious rhythms to the stage at some of Void’s best events of the last few years, landed on one of our all-local vinyl compilations, and even squeezed all 10 members into our HQ for an Into the Void: Office Music Series set. The group’s debut full-length Sin Parar is available on BandCamp as is El Fonquete: live, which may be the closest you’ll get to this high-energy, highly talented group.


Mr. Al Pete
Smooth vocal delivery, infectious beats, and dexterous wordplay were hallmarks of Mr. Al Pete’s Mr. Peterson’s Neighborhood, all of which were ever present on the track “Ice Man” (one of 19 songs we needed in 2019). Prolific as ever, Al’s latest Evelyn Flow is equally worth a download!


Mercy Mercy
One of our favorites of a bevy of cool garage-y music coming out of Northeast Florida right now. The singles “The Usual (baby)” and “The Earth was Flat,” are pure, primal fun.


One of our fave local personalities, Geexella’s a singer-rapper-DJ-educator-activist. We highly recommend their 2016 EP, Gee Things, which features production by Willie Evans, Jr. and guest spots by Che Forreign of LOVE Culture.


Darkhorse Saloon
While the band’s latest is only available on Spotify, the Darkhorse Salooners have been turning it up past 11 for years. You can find two rare singles and the timeless noise of Greetings From on the group’s BandCamp page.

Hey Jax artists, have music on BandCamp and want it added to this feature? Drop us a line at ed@voidlive.com