For those in the know, the sheer number of local artists pumping out relevant and downright exceptional music in our region is bound to be overwhelming. There’s so much good music in Northeast Florida, in fact, that it’s becoming harder and harder to confine local album releases to one-per-week (The detente is over. Every band for themselves!).

Indeed, this is just one of those weeks where, if you’re a music fan in our region, you’re going to have to be out and about. Otherwise? Abject FOMO assuredly awaits.

This week there are back-to-back album release shows from two of our region’s finest. On Thursday, Jazz-guitar maestro Taylor Roberts’ hits the stage at Blue Jay Listening Room in Jax Beach for a CD Release show promoting “A Day in the Life” (READ our review here). On Friday, you’ll wanna be sure to imbibe in some hair of the dog (or just take it easy on Thursday, maybe?) in order to make it to Riverside’s mighty Afro-Cuban Salsa band LPT‘s show at 1904 Music Hall. One of the most electric acts to come out of Duval in a longtime, LPT’s first official full-length Sin Parar (available on vinyl at the show) is bound to make some noise outside of the 904. In other words, catch ’em while you can!

Don’t sleep on these.
Tix for Taylor Roberts’ show at Blue Jay Listening Room
Tix for LPT’s show at 1904 Music Hall