The holiday that some people seem to forget about is right around the corner … Father’s Day! Now that I’ve reminded you, you probably just switched to “I need to buy him a tie!” mode. For the ones that DO honor this holiday and are not good at gift buying, I figured I’d give a boost to your thoughts. Below are 5 (of many) Father’s Day gift ideas. Cater to your fitting or let your brain expand from the common thoughts of getting some stinky shaving cream — nobody wants that!

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Take Him Out For A Drink

Chances are, your father has his favorite beer sitting in the fridge ready to drink when he has to do the honey do’s. Do him a solid and treat him to a brewery, let him taste various beers and help him find a new local beer. Bonus points if you either grill or cater some BBQ and top it off with a fine cigar from Downtown Cigar Lounge or Island Girl Cigar Bar.

Speaking of cigars, if your father prefers liquor over beer, Manifest Distilling and Grape and Grain might be the perfect fit. Grab him a nice bottle and add some points by buying him some fancy glasses. Make him feel like James Bond walking around the house!


Create Him Something Unique

Get the kids to find an arts and crafts project and get them to color, draw and glue away. It can be a collage of his pictures (maybe he’s a retired military or has done a job for years … get those types of pictures) or a meaningful drawing (if you know a painter or even a photographer, contact them to do a photoshoot or a commission painting). To double back on the pictures, seeing himself in a collage of him working will forever remind him of his purpose of work, which most likely is you and the kids (or family or whatever purpose he shoots for). Hint: if you insist on buying some “smell good,” grab him something oil-based — it’s the new wave … trust me.


Get Him Something Out of the Ordinary

Stay away from Marshalls and Ross please. That shows there was no effort put in the gift. The typical thing to buy a dad is socks, ties and cologne. Be more creative and go to Instagram and type in “socks” or “ties” and a large amount of funky and cool socks and ties will pop up. Order away. Hint: some sock sellers (Foot Cardigan) have 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions for a reasonable price where he can receive random cool socks for the length of months subscribed. Fresh right?! Bonus: put “Duval” behind your search, and you’ll find some local sellers you can buy from. I’m sure Manifest Showroom will pop up … order away.


Use His Interests

Most men I know secretly enjoy the origin and history of certain things, especially things of their interest. I’m sure you know his interests, so search the web for a book that speaks on the history of his favorite football team, city, music genre or artists, etc. I’ve been in Jacksonville basically my whole life, and I’m still finding small historical locations, facts and people that excite me. When I get older, I’ll be honored to tell my grandkids (if that ever happens). San Marco Bookstore has a healthy selection of Jax history. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. FYI, Grape and Grain is just on the other side of the lion statues … two stops in one setting! If he’s into golfing, consider taking him out to Top Golf for the day. On June 18, visitors can show dad a good time by booking a bay at Topgolf. Reservations are $115 per bay and include two hours of Topgolf gameplay. If you reserve bays for the first time slot of the day, your reservation is only $75 per bay.


Give Him the Day

Simply let him do whatever he wants to do. If he wants a quiet house, find something to do and leave for some hours. If he wants to eat a burger on top of his truck at 2 a.m. playing his favorite podcast, let him do that. One of the main purposes of Father’s Day is for him to enjoy his day … how he likes to. Honor that by taking yourself out of the equation (if it warrants) and putting him and his wishes first. Bonus: clean up after what he does, hopefully he’s a clean guy and it won’t be much (lol).

Hopefully this helps you with honoring your father, husband, grandfather, brother and whoever else might serve as a father figure. To stay away from the soapbox, fathers play just as much as a role in making the world go ’round. Let’s acknowledge this holiday more buy adding some local spice to his everyday moves!