I have to admit, I had to laugh when I first saw that Jackrabbits was hosting an Emo Prom on Valentines Day. The thought of a pile of swoop-haired, tight-pants wearing, snake-bitten scene kids shuffling about the San Marco venue seemed, well, too perfect.
So I reached out to Teen Divorce drummer/Emo Prom organizer David Kennedy to find out more about the BYOT (bring your own tissues) event.
“Valentine’s Day shows can be really tough because people usually have other plans if they’re dating someone, or they hate the day if they aren’t,” Kennedy says. “I wanted to put something together where it didn’t matter what your relationship status was, you could just come out and enjoy some good music with your friends and maybe get to relive your high school days a little when we still got to go dances.”
After our conversation, I realized my imagination’s painting of Emo Prom was dated and exaggerated.  Turns out, as Kennedy informed me, Emo music is experiencing a bit of a modern revival and it’s actually one of the strongest local music scenes taking root in the Bold City. It’s not the trendy Taking Back Sunday Emo of 2006. These bands and fans are in it for the music, and their scene is both authentic and unique.

Intervention (the humans, not the extraterrestrials)

Jacksonville’s own and Warped Tour alumni, Intervention, are headlining the show with New Orleans rockers Hand Out providing direct support. Teen Divorce (Jacksonville) are the middle children of the show, while Superhaunted (Miami) and Runners High (Jacksonville) will be opening things up at the beginning of the night.
Presales are available here for $8, and tickets will be $10 at the door.