On Saturday, the Jacksonville-spawned alternative folk duo, Flagship Romance, will perform at Jax Beach’s Blue Jay Listening Room. It’ll be the popular act’s final performance in Jacksonville—at least for now.

Married singer-songwriter team Jordyn Jackson-Fisher and Shawn Fisher have been touring the country incessantly, of late, while working on their new album. In the process they’ve found a new home in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Before moving on, however, they want to say goodbye to their hometown fan-base.

“Our fans and friends here have been with us from the beginning of our duo; some since our very first shows as solo artists,” said Fisher. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. These shows will be an incredibly fun, music and memory-filled way to say ‘thank you,’ and ‘we’ll see you all again soon.’”

Photo: Miguel Emmanueli


Flagship Romance is performing two shows at the Blue Jay on Saturday. An early show was added because the late show sold out so quickly. It’s a small and intimate venue, perfect for the duo, whose earnest, folksy tunes and impassioned performances have earned them national prominence.

“We know it will be a high-energy night, with a variety of emotions mixed in, for sure,” said Fisher.



The couple began their musical careers separately, Jackson as a jazz vocalist, Fisher in a rock/alternative group.

“We both saw varying degrees of success in our separate solo-projects/bands before we met, and learned many valuable lessons about ourselves as musicians; about what it means to be essentially ‘married’ to a bunch of dudes in a van, and the work ethic it takes to get your music heard,” said Jackson. “We both thought that the only way to ‘make it’ in the music industry was to sign a big recording contract, and then that was it! We both were signed to labels, and then realized how much that wasn’t our definition of success. When we met, we had just left/been dropped by those labels, so we had a fresh slate to begin Flagship Romance on.”

Once settled in Truth or Consequences, they plan on finishing a new slate of songs before years end.

“This new album was a blast to create and we think it is, sonically and lyrically, our most ambitious yet,” said Jackson. “[Truth and Consequences] is full of inspiration that is entirely different from what we’re used to: cacti, mountains, and a desert landscape. We’ve set up a music room in our adobe home (which is full of inspiration and history, itself), so we expect many songs will emerge from there.”

There are still tickets remaining from Flagship’s early show, available here.