Jacksonville’s downtown is in the midst of a revival; or, I should say, has been, for at least a half-decade. And while that progress has been subject to fits and starts (and a few momentum halting disappointments–the closures of well-loved music venues Burro Bar and Underbelly are two heart wrenching examples), the lynchpin to the urban renaissance underway has arguably been Ocean Street’s 1904 Music Hall. The place as the distinctive ability to host a range of acts from earnest singer-songwriters to hyped Soundcloud rappers (as evidenced by the enormously lit Lil’ Pump performance below.)

Last week, notably, North Florida indie rockers Flipturn and world-renowned Hip-hop icon Rakim both graced the 1904 stage, playing to sold out crowds on the evenings of their respective performances. What’s more, the understated locale has served as a locus for the scene, serving as the place to be during Art Walk Wednesdays for going on seven years now. On Wednesday night, during March’s Art Walk, 1904 celebrates its seven year anniversary with a stacked lineup of performers, including Custard Pie, Jackie Stranger, Universal Green, and Cowford Town Band, among others. Seven bucks (of course) at the door gets you all you unlimited access to the tunes AND the beer!

From Void Mag, we say congrats 1904. Keep on truckin’. We’ll see ya Wednesday night.