Food pics. Everyone takes them. You try your best to get the right angle, either an overhead to get a nice wide shot of the meal or right in front of the plate, getting a macro close up to add detail of what you’re about to ingest.

Lucky for you, the restaurant business is stepping up their game.

South Africa’s El Burro restaurant has recently installed a device that allows for costumers to take professional-style Instagrams of their meals. The device includes a small, portable lighting studio has been placed inside the restaurant as part of its #dinnercam campaign.

The machine lets diners place their meal inside and then select various lighting options using the buttons on the front. If you’re going for a lighter or darker mood, this is possible. And the coolest part, if you tag your image with the #dinnercam hashtag, you will receive a free physical print of your photo.

So, if you’re ever visiting South Africa and really need to take a food pic, this is the place to be. #ProfessionalFoodPics

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