In anticipation of next month’s Beer and Drink Issue, I swung by Aardwolf Brewing Company today to speak with them on what “craft” means to them in today’s market. As it happened, Civil Society Brewing‘s co-founder, Evan Miller, was in town to brew a special collaboration beer. Good timing, I know 😉

Based out of Jupiter, Fla., Civil Society has been blowing up on the underground beer trading scene, an impressive feat for such a young brewery. The brewery is known for brewing outrageously hoppy, unfiltered beers, in what beer nerds have come to describe as “New England Style.” “We don’t filter anything,” he explained. “We like hazy beer, but we don’t insist on a particular haze level or anything. We just let the beer be what it wants to be.”

Lucky for me (and you, if you can make it to Aardwolf this weekend before the kegs blow), Evan brought some his highly prized liquid with him to share with the Jacksonville market for the first time. He was gracious enough to walk me through the lineup and explain his brewery’s approach.

Civil Society


These beers are on tap now but don’t expect them to last long!

Blondes Make Me Hoppy (4.9%)

Civil Society’s flagship beer. This light and hazy slammer uses a simple blonde ale base to highlight a rotating cast of single hops. This approach gives drinkers new to craft a way to understand the flavors of individual hops, like the Mosaic, featured in this version. The brewery has also featured versions showcasing Nelson Sauvin, Vic Secret, Equinox and one on the horizon that uses lupulin powder (whatever that is!).

Fresh American IPA (6.2%)

Civil Society’s flagship IPA bursts with the tropical-citrus flavor of Citra hops. A real fruit bomb!

Pulp Hoppy Wheat (6.3%)

Pulp is based on a simple wheat recipe that’s (you guessed it) dry-hopped to hell and back, again with Mosaic hops. Wheats often drink as thick due to all the protein (science …) but despite being unfiltered, Pulp is light and refreshing with a pleasant hoppiness. Super fruity and drinkable.

Juice Double IPA (8%)

Orange juice it is not, but I won’t judge if you throw one of these back for breakfast. Columbus, Amarillo and Mosaic hops come together like Voltron for a higher gravity entry that goes down way too easy. Careful now!

Emerald Showers (5.5%)

For such a relatively low ABV, this beer is packed with flavor. It’s also pretty unique with a hop bill of Southern Hemisphere varieties you don’t see too often, like Azacca, Vic Secret and Topaz. It’s ok to give in. You can afford to drink a few of these.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity. There are only limited quantities available and once it’s gone, it’s gone. It may be awhile before Civil Society is distributed throughout the state, and in the meantime, you’ll be able to brag to your friends in New York that you didn’t have to trade your first-born child to try it!