Who doesn’t want to wake up to the sweet, sweet aroma of freshly cooked bacon? Imagine, you’re laying there in bed and you roll over not to the annoying sound of an alarm clock, but to the smell of a sizzling tray of fresh cooked bacon! From here on out, forget the buzzer!

Why, you ask? Why not! Who goes to bed looking forward to the idea of literally being scared out of the their sleep in the hours to follow. This clock keeps it gentle and subtle. It’s like waking up to mom cooking you some amazing breakfast that you can’t wait to head downstairs for. Unless of course you like to kick it by keeping kosher, then this need not apply to you.

In order to use, just slide a couple strips of pre cooked bacon on a paper towel in the teflon cooking tray the night before. All it needs is four minutes to cook. Set your alarm for 7am and by 7:04 you’re in bacon business. Enjoy!